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There’s nothing like bringing the arcade to your home with an air hockey table!

Kicking back to relax with friends gets a whole new level of fun with air hockey in the picture, so it’s only natural to want to make sure the table stays in great shape to last you a long time to come.


Whether it’s for use at home or at an arcade, maintaining the condition of the table gets a whole lot easier by proactively looking for damage. Time and effort needs to be invested into regular maintenance including cleaning and repairs.

Read on to get the lowdown on some of the essentials of air hockey table maintenance!

Keeping Your Table Clean

In order for the table to function well and allow the puck to go flying across smoothly, the surface should be kept clean. It’s best to clean the laminate surface with rubbing alcohol. A glass cleaner product can also be used to help remove dirt and debris.

Use a cloth to get the job done, and make sure that you turn the table motor on in order to prevent any cleaning product and dirt from going into the air holes. Ideally, cleaning should be carried out once a week to keep the air hockey table spic and span.

The air holes also need to be checked for blockages. However, you only need to do so once a year.

Preventing Damage

In order to prevent any damage from occurring to the air hockey table, there are a certain set of rules to abide by. First and foremost, make sure no liquids come into contact with it. This means that no one can put drinks on the table, as spills can block the air holes and potentially wreak havoc on the table motors.

Side shields can not only help keep the puck within the confines of the table, they can also serve as a deterrent for people keeping their drinks on the table during the game. If any spills do occur, mop them up immediately and keep the table on so that any liquid in the air holes may be pushed out.

If any dents occur, then go to a professional for repair. The laminate surfaces of air hockey tables are generally quite durable, but if damage does occur, then they can be repaired fairly quickly and effectively.

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