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Back in the day, improving efficiency at the workplace was all about competition, targets, consequence and working unnatural hours.

Today, we in the professional world are a little more enlightened! We have become aware of the importance of things like paid leaves, bonuses and incentives, as well as a work life balance.

Recreation and Balance

There have been numerous studies on how workplace recreation is beneficial to the workplace environment in general. Game tables in particular are brilliant additions to any office space and here’s why!

They Make the Hours Bearable

Often, high functioning organizations tend to also go by long and oftentimes irregular working hours. Having a game table around gives your employees a chance to unwind and recharge while on the job.

This way, even if they’re working long hours, it is a lot better being stuck to choose between YouTube at your desk or the lunch room!

Relieve Stress

Sometimes, in a high stress environment, one needs to get off their table and shake themselves up before getting back to work.

Nothing shakes people up better than a little healthy movement with the added aspect of friendly competition! Game tables help employees relieve and manage stress!

Raise Productivity

Of course, if employees are not stressed out and okay staying back a bit to see their work through sans resentment, overall productivity is raised. The fact that employees have a viable and fulfilling avenue to disconnect from work and recharge means when they’re back at their desks, they’ll be working sharper, faster and better!

Better Environment Higher Retention

Who would want to leave a place that pays well and lets you play foosball or pool during your breaks?

Very few in the professional world today!

Believe it or not, doing something small for your employees can take you a long way. Recreation and game tables make for happy employees. Happy employees are loyal employees. Loyalty here does not just mean they will stay. It means they will take pleasure and pride in working with and for you!

Team Building and Ice Breaking

Last but not least, the better you get along with your peers and team, the better your produced work is bound to be. Game tables are a great place for teams to bond, break ice with new members and even jog their minds when coming up with creative ideas and concepts.

All in all, a game table can be where your next most successful campaign is born!


The world and everything in it is changing at a fast pace. We’re moving away from black and white and often one-sided ideas about working that have in the past ended in personal burnout. We know now that the best thing for a workplace is to find a balance between targets and employee health.

Game tables are a sure shot addition that will address all this! If you’re looking for a place to buy air hockey tables, dome hockey sets, pool tables or any other games including darts for your work space, we have some brilliant options! Come by our website and have a look what we have for you!

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