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Steel-Tip Dartboard

If you’re looking to buy a steel-tip dart board, our collection offers the latest in dart board design technology. Sisal fiber compression used in the construction of these boards allows for self-healing properties extending board life and maintaining extended play ability as well as highly reduced problems with pock marking and board scarring. All dartboard models come with staple free and bounce proof bulls eye points to increase accuracy while playing. Galvanized wire framing improves accuracy by preventing slipping as well as back bounce. Dart boards also come with an adjustable and mobile number ring which is useful as score slots can be altered giving certain parts of the board time to heal and hence extending life. Check out our steel tip dartboard options and click on the images for more technical specifics.
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Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboar...

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Viper Razorback Sisal Dartboard ...

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Viper League Pro Sisal Dartboard...

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Viper Dead-On Bristle Dartboard ...

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Viper AIM 360 Sisal Dartboard 42...

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