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Whenever I’m talking to people during business or just shooting the breeze, I sometimes like to ask what they considered the best times of their lives. This isn’t any creepy curiosity or anything, it’s because I realized a while back that there’s a sweet spot in people’s memory which we share more than I would have thought – and that usually involves hanging out with friends, playing games. Almost everyone will mention some form of this if you ask what their favourite memories growing up were.

I’m no exception. For me and my friends, our hang-out was the arcade down the street. We spent so much time there, the owner would sometimes leave us the keys to open up the next day. People were a bit more trusting back then. We were pretty much the resident pros in that place, but we always ended up around the air hockey table. That was our ground zero – if you couldn’t hold your own there, guys would look at you funny. Those countless hours playing our little mini-tournaments and such were magical.

When I decided to go into business, the best piece of advice I got was to get into something I was passionate about. I know, I know, passion’ is a word guys throw around a bit too easily nowadays, but whatever, it fits. Arcades and such might not be quite what they used to be as we were coming up, but I figured that if I could help people get a bit of that atmosphere, I would be a satisfied man.

The Rec Room Game Company has been in business for well over a year now, and it’s been a good year. We’ve had the chance to bring a little bit of magic into our clients’ homes and businesses, establishing a solid online reputation for quality, reliability, and care in the process.

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure your purchase experience is entirely hassle-free. Our process, from search to check-out is designed with you in mind. Make use of the online chat feature to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable staff or call us up directly for any questions, concerns, or clarifications you might have. In fact, hit us up and let us know if you’re having a blast with one of our air hockey tables! It always brightens our day!

Anyway, for all your air hockey needs, we’re here for you. Make the choice now, and add a bit of good, clean, fun and excitement in your life.


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He just destroys them all!

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Lou really knows his stuff!

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