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Air Hockey Table Maintenance

Maintenance Tips To Get The Best Performance From Your Air Hockey Table.

Are you thinking of purchasing a new air hockey table? Are wondering how you can clean an air hockey table? Worry no more because by reading this article, you will learn awesome tips to keep your air hockey table in excellent condition. 

Here are some air hockey table maintenance tips to keep your table as clean as possible for a longer time. 


You find that those that come with your table are of high quality; therefore they are essential to get the best working condition out of your air hockey table. 

The yellow finger glass is designed for high air flow and tournament quality tables. The yellow puck helps to provide superior speed, visibility, bounce, stability, and durability on the table. Also, under black light its designed to give the maximum glow. 

Some people may prefer cheaper pucks, but the truth is these cheap pucks will minimize the performance of your table. They will fly off quickly and cause danger to players and the spectators. In a case of a coin-operated table, you find that you may realize a considerate reduction in the coin drop because of the poor pucks that normally don't play well by flying off the table. Buying cheap pucks will definitely cost you dearly, and you may end up losing hundreds and thousands of money in the game. 

What about the mallets? You find that the highest quality available mallet is nylon mallets. They are designed in such a way that they have enhanced speed, durability, and they do not make noise/quiet performance. The cheap mallets are not promising since they lack enough force to provide the speed required that make air hockey so exciting. Furthermore, when the puck strikes the mallet, the lightweight mallets will hurt the player's hand thus discouraging him/her. 


Rubbing alcohol is recommended for cleaning the laminate surface. You may also use non-ammoniated window cleaner. So, what you are required to do is simple. Just turn the table and blower ON to ensure that the liquid and dirt do not go back into the air holes. Cleaning off the table should be done once a week or when necessary. Use alcohol on a clean cloth or a paper towel to get rid of dust and dirt which slows down the puck's performance. As much as possible, avoid the use of silicone, wax, or anything that can coat the surface and may plug up the holes. Whenever you are cleaning the surface, NEVER clean the side rails where the puck hit. The thin layer of dirt makes the puck bank well and maintains it on the table. Be sure to check the air holes for blockages maybe once a year or when necessary. It will help to keep the puck from floating well. Turn the table ON and by use stickpin, pull the dirt up and out of the air holes. A 1/32" drill bit can be used for cleaning out the hole by lifting out the dirt out of the air holes as the bit rotates 


A good lighting is essential in the case where you want your table to attract the players and make good money. You do not have to worry about anything. The deal is looking for a good overhead lighting. If you have the table with side score, it is essential to ensure that you provide excellent light. Overhead drop lighting is superb. All you need to do is to ensure that it is mounted high to ensure that all players will not bump their heads when leaning forward. 


You find that most players want to take their beer, soft drinks or any other drink while playing. As much as possible, ensure that those liquid do not get into your table. Why? It is evident that liquid will seep down the holes reaching the woody part warping the top. Ensure that any liquid spilt on the table is wiped immediately. Ensure you activate the table so that the air is ON; This will help to push the liquid out of the hole, direct it to the channels and eventually to the surface where it can be wiped. To avoid such cases, it is advisable that you prohibit drinking on the table at any time. 


Do you have the side shield on your table? What would be the reason to have the side shields? Well, the side shield as the name suggest are meant to protect your table. They not only help to maintain the puck from coming off the table, but they also prevent the customers from placing their drinks on the table. 


You can find a laminate surface in the market that is durable, but they may also be susceptible to damage. When you smash a hard or sharp object on the surface over the air channel, it may cause a dent. Therefore, these dents are quickly repaired. Clear epoxy is used to fill the dent. Ensure that you allow the epoxy to settle so that it does not run down the air channel. You may use putty underneath to keep epoxy running down. Fill well to the surface level and allow to harden. Use fine/extra-fine sandpaper to sand the area to make it smooth and to level with the surrounding area.
In conclusion, you have to remember that no matter your age, air hockey is still an incredibly fun game. You would be shocked to know that you are die-hard air hockey teams around the world and of course there are many novice enthusiasts with their tables at home. If you are one of these people, you have to make sure that you follow the above Air hockey table care.

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