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Everything You Need to Know when Buying a Pool Table

All you need to know before you purchase a billiard table

Having a pool table at your home is one of the best things you can ever do to yourself.It is a rewarding step for any homeowner.The pool table teamed up with necessary pool accessories will provide you and your visitors with the most appropriate entertainment you need.Instead of going to a pub or a pool club you can invite some of your friends to come over for game pools so that you can have fun together while maybe enjoying a drink.There are many types of pool tables in the market, so when getting one, you need to have some knowledge about them so that you pick one that meets your needs.

If you have decided to go for one, the first step to having fun with your pool table will begin either creating or choosing a particular room for your pool table. You can perhaps place your table in the dining room or a basement if it happens that you don’t have an extra room in your home to house your newly acquired pool table. Whichever the place you decide on, proper lighting and decor are needed.

In the market, the types of pools that are available include; home or commercial pool tables, reconditioned pool tables and coin-operated pool tables. The commercial ones are found mainly in bars, hotels, and clubs. Pool tables are also on the other hand classified based on the type of material used and size. They are Slate Pool Tables, Nonstate (Slatron) Pool Tables, All Outdoor Pool Tables, Murray Pool Tables, Mizerak Pool Tables, 7' Pool Tables, 8' Pool Tables and 9' Pool Tables.

There are three different types of fabric used to make pools that are, solid wood, veneer laminates, and vinyl melamine coating. Mostly, wood and veneer covered pool tables are expensive when compared to the pool tables coated with vinyl melamine. This is simply because they make use of 3/4" thickness unframed slate and leather that is usually of inferior quality. They are available only in few colors as they cannot be stained. The second type of pool table is veneer laminated where the lamination is made of wood made of particleboard, laminated layers of solid wood, or MDF board. This type of pool table has 3/4" to 1" thick slate, available with or without wood framing. They are available in different colors.

The third type of pool table is made from solid or hardwood. It is considered as the best-built tables available in the market. They use all types of wood and are available in a wide range of styles. The normal kinds of wood utilized for its fabricate are Maple, Mahogany, Cherry Oak, and Poplar. They are available in wood type finishes and along with other commonly available paint finishes.

Outdoor type of pool table is weatherproof. Pool tables are available as multi-functional tables, which can also be utilized as a poker table or as a dinner table.

Here are some considerations you should put in mind before making your final decision on the kind of pool table you should buy;

1. Budget

As it is by the today’s financial state, the budget is the most crucial factor you should put into consideration before shopping for any item from the market. It is such a worthy thing to consider how much money is needed to buy the best table that is such durable than considering how much amount you would have at that time ending to buy a short-term pool table option. A short-term option will require being replaced after a short period. Pool tables usually vary in price considering some of the accessories they come with when bought. Make the best purchase that will last for long.

2. Size

The pool tables do come in different sizes. They come in the 7’, 8’, and 9’ sizes. You should first consider the amount of space you have for your pool before making a purchase. Don’t just consider the size of the pool table but also know the amount of playing space around the table. The right amount of space is needed to allow for accurate shots by the players. Avoid a situation whereby you have an 8’ sized pool table and space is not such sufficient up to players wedge up the pool cues against a fireplace or even a window the critical shot is required to be taken.

3. Branded/ Non-Branded

There are many different kinds of branding a pool buyer should put into consideration when planning to buy a pool table. There is usually a manufacturers brand and then also a design brand. These two elements are teamed together to make up for the final price of a certain pool table. A manufacturer 7ft table can cost you like let say for instance $2500, but this price can be increased to like $3000 upwards if you will purchase the manufacturer brand of a certain design.

4. Slate/ Non-Slate

Most purists usually consider a slate. The playing surface is generally underneath the billiard felt. This surface has ever since been slate and generally, it has been the preferred choice for everyone. This is just because slate has been known to offer an even play surface that usually lasts for many years. On the other hand, the non-slate options have come a long way up to this time. The non-slate ones are now the materials such as accurate that is usually of high-density fiberboard. The quality is the best that you can get like a seven years warranty with it. But it is advisable to go for the slate option given a chance to choose from between slate or not slate.

There are however some reasons that can lead you not to choose the slate option. Cost is the first reason for this. The real slate table is somehow more expensive. The second reason is its weight. Once a slate pool table is placed at a certain place, it will be there for good. If you are thinking of moving it to any place at any time, you will like then the slate table is not your right option. The three pieces contribute the slate pool table's weight that it comes with. Each piece usually weighs in the region of a couple of like hundred pounds or more. The slate option can also come in one single piece. The advantage of this is the weight that it comes with. You will have no seams as there would be when it comes to a three-piece option.


If you shop your pool table online, you will most probably not pay sales tax unless your online retailer is based on your state.This is typically beneficial as the buyer will pay less compared to when shopping from a retail shop where you will have to pay sales tax.The advantage of buying from a store directly without going online is that when dealing with someone face to face in a store, you can negotiate to the best price which you find appropriate compared to online where prices are fixed, and chances of negotiating are minimal unless you call them. The best online stores have freephone customer services numbers with customer care people at their company customer service support.You don't get anything if you don't ask. The only good thing about going online is that an online store`s overheads are reduced when compared to a physical retail shop, and so the cost to you should be less.

6. Shipping;

When buying a pool table of any kind from any retail shop whether online or not, the charges of transportation are either included in the price that you see on the pool table which includes free shipping or is charged separately.A good number of pool retailers usually offer free shipping depending on the location; other may ask you to pay extra money to get your pool table transported.When purchasing a pool table is good that you look at these factors as shipping so that you get the best retailer who will not charge you shipping extra money to get your pool table shipped.

7. Installation;

You need to remember that a good number of pool tables are not shipped while fully assembled, this will call for qualified pool table installers to make sure that your pool table is set according to the manufacturer's set standards.Installation is going to be a problem for you if you don’t know how to set it.Ask the retailer if they have experts to accompany you if they don’t have asked about where to get them and also don’t forget to inquire about installation costs.

Pool table accessories

There are so many accessories that are required for the pool to function properly. Some of the accessories are such as the cues, racks, able felt, balls, chalks and the covers. Let look into details into this accessories;

Pool Table Felt

This is the red or green cover found on top of the pool table and its sides. The pool table felt is usually made of wool, but others can are at times made of nylon and wool blends. The quality of the pool table felt usually differ. The high quality felt is thicker and denser than the less quality one. The high quality felt allows the ball to move more accurately and faster along the table. The low-end one is more durable and softer. This causes the balls to move at a slower pace and less accurately. The low end felt is usually used in places where high traffic justifies its use like in the bars.

Pool Table Covers

This is some of the vital pool table accessories a pool owner should consider buying. The pool table covers to protect the table from debris, dust and other contaminants when it is not in use. The pool table covers usually come in leather or vinyl with weighted corners for dependable covering. The pool table covers differ in price. The most attractive leather covers range from $100 while the vinyl ones can be bought up to less than $10.

Pool Cues

The cue sticks or rather pool cues do come in different forms. They come in one piece form or two pieces. The casual users do use one piece cues, and they are usually available to the general public especially in the bars. The two-piece cues have generally a shaft and butt that is capable of unscrewing for easy move in the cue case. The quality pool cues are the two-piece sticks usually made of the maple wood. The butt of this stick is wrapped in leather or linen to allow for the absorption of moisture and a tip that is made up of hard wrapped leather. The low-end cues usually come in one piece with no wrapping of their butt, and a graphite and plastic tip.

Pool Cue Chalk

When purchasing the pool table accessories, the pool Cue Chalk should be among your top considerations in your budget. The chalk is usually applied to the stick to help increase friction when the ball is a stroke. The pool cue chalk also allows greater control of how much the ball is spun. Most players do apply the chalk to the tip of the cues before taking a shot at the ball.

Pool Balls

They usually come in different set types. The common known set type is the popular 16-ball set that usually includes seven stripped balls, a white cue ball, seven solid balls and a black 8-ball. This set is used for the games like Cutthroat, 8-ball and the 9-ball. You should consider the right type of set when buying the pool balls for your pool table.

Pool Ball Racks

The pool ball racks are made of plastic or wood. Their costs do vary with the kind of material used to make the ball racks. The wood made ball racks are usually sturdier making them a little more expensive than the plastic made ball racks. The wood made ones are worthy their prices if you are looking for long lasting and more attractive ball racks. They usually come in a standard triangle that can be used for the 9-ball games and the 15-ball games alike and the diamond shape that is designed for only the 9-ball racking games.


Here are some games you can play to change things up from time to time.

Nine Ball 

Played with nine balls racked in a jewel shape (ordinarily the balls numbered 1-9 ) with the nine ball in the center and the one ball on the foot spot. For you to win, you have to take the nine-ball first legally. In every shot, every player needs to shoot the cue ball. Therefore, the cue ball first hits the next ball, (i.e., the object ball) in the pivot, i.e., one ball, at that point two balls, at that point three balls, and so forth.). 

One Pocket 

Every opponent is allowed just a single corner pocket (dictated by anyone who wins) at the bottom of the pool table, and any individual who has eight balls lawfully took in their pocket initially, wins. 

Eight Ball 

This type of game depends on the first ball legally pocketed by your opponent. You can either have the solids (1-7 balls) or the stripes (9-15 balls). Therefore, whoever legitimately pockets the greater part of the balls assigned to him/her then pockets the eight ball wins, however, anyone who (unintentionally) pockets the eight ball before taking his/her corresponding balls assigned will lose. 

Bank Pool 

In every Bank Shot round (either every shot or each other shot) every opponent ought to bank the object ball off of a cushion before going into the pocket to become a legitimate pocketed ball and the one who rightfully pocket eight balls first, wins. 


Played with three players each assigned the numbered balls 1-5, 6-10 or 11-15. The individual player who legitimately pockets the opponents' pair of balls prior to when they pocket his preferred balls wins. 


The players use cue ball and one object ball with the six pockets on the table acting like a golf hole. The person who makes all the six holes first or with a minimum number of shots wins the game. 

Fifteen Ball 

The one who scores 61 points first, by use of the number on each ball, legitimately pocketed as the points earned. However, for each foul, three points are deducted from the player's score.

Now that you know the basics of buying a pool table, why not get out there and look for one? It can be an excellent source of entertainment for your family as well as your guests. Make sure you look online as well as locally for the best deals on them. You need to take the price, quality, and overall value your table into consideration. If you don't carefully evaluate all of these areas, you can end up with a pool table that is a disappointment. So, take your time to go about it in the right manner.


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