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How to Become a Billiards Master

Regardless of how long a person has been playing pool there is always room for improvement. Having the right cue is a step in the right direction but practice is the only way to improve your game. 

Pool is a game of strategy and it takes skill to put the balls where you want them.

Practice makes perfect so they say and this is so true in the game of pool. From the beginner to the experienced player knowing the value of running practice drills is important to improving your game. Running all the balls off the table is a great feeling!

There are a number of ways to improve your game.

Training Balls

These are great aids for practicing your shot. Everyone from every level can benefit from a practice round or two with these training balls.

Training balls have an image crosshair on them to help you lineups your shots. Used as a warm-up before a game or used as a regular practice drill they can significantly improve your shot.

A tutorial booklet comes with the training balls demonstrating a number of routines you can use to improve your shot.

Rail Shots

Lining the balls along the rails and then attempting to sink all balls into only the corner pockets will improve your skills. By approaching each shot from a different angle your skill level rises and your confidence over handling the cue improves.


Drills are procedural forms of training that are characterized by repetition.

Your attention to the time you put into practice will directly reflect your improvement to the mastery of the game mastery of the game.

Control Drill

Using the same starting position of the target ball and the cue ball you can practice your shot over and over until you are able to command control over the direction of each ball.

Mark two spots on the felt with chalk. The first mark will be for your target ball and the second mark will be for your cue ball. You can adjust where you strike the cue ball to practice sending the target ball wherever you need to on the table

Practice Drills

Practicing your shot and honing your game is achieved by learning angles and the speed of each shot.

A good drill would be to line up 5 balls on one side of the table and set the cue ball at a 45% angle to the innermost ball - creating a perfect shot to the corner pocket. Shoot the balls in order resetting the missed shots and trying again.

If you have any favorite drills that we can add to this list, please contact us and let us know.

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