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How to Play Darts

How To Throw A Bullseye Every Time

Are you a dart lover? Do you want to improve your skills in this game? Well, this is the right place. How would you feel knowing all the tricks or the techniques that most professional dart players use to win the game? Nothing like a talent as far as dart game is concerned; anyone can be a professional player.


Darts is one of the fun games where practice should be possible in the comfort of your own home. Training in your comfort is a crucial part of making it a success. Do you think you should add more skills in the game? Remember, regardless of how good you think you are, there is always a room to perfect. There are some basic tips that professional players use to make the game look easy.


Believe me that it is very easy to hit the bullseye: basically, darts is a game of skill and concentration. You can easily sharpen your traits and expertise in the following areas if you want to gain more skills in this sport.



Aim and Direct


Have you been keeping the end of your dart pointing up whenever you are throwing the dart? If not, that should be your main grip objective.


Solid and relaxed grip


Is your grip firm and fixed? If not, it will cause tension in your hand muscles, fingers, and the wrist. A tense grip will make your muscle not to react well when trying to release the dart, therefore, resulting in a poor aim and flight. It means that you aren't going to get the throwing consistency of your dart. Therefore try to improve on that.


Use at least three fingers.


If you are used to playing with your thumb and the first finger, it's your time to change. Three fingers are the minimum number to hold a dart. Less than that, there is no stability in your throw. If you aren't comfortable with three fingers, you can increase the number until you find the form that works great for you.


Work on your stance and form 


How do you balance when throwing a dart? A balanced stance is essential when throwing darts. All dart players also have to work on their stance and the way they should raise and hold their darts before playing a game. A professional player recommends a newbie to relax their upper body, raise the dart at eye level, and gently release the dart. The correct stance and form also entail that players maintain their balance once the dart is released.




Avoid leaning or swaying because it not only makes the dartboard a small target but also a moving target. The most important part of the dart stance is finding a stance that is comfortable for you and your dart throwing style. If you are not comfortable, the chances are much better that you won't shoot darts up to your potential.


Now that you know the tricks used by professionals, you can now become a pro in this game. Remember that, dart game can be taken as a professional game or played for leisure. All in all, it feels good when you win against your opponents in any occasion. Okay, how many dart games do you practice? Do you agree that you may have restricted yourself to one type of dart game when there are many types you should explore? Worry not. Below are popular dart games that will give you a platform to expound on your skills. Here are a few you should try.



It is fundamentally a shorter version of 501, the distinction being, most local rules dictate that you should begin your scoring with a double and also complete on the double.




It is the kind of the game you find in most of the big restaurant and professional tournaments. Mostly, you begin with a 501 score; then the object is to go downwards to a 0 score. It's made possible by reducing your 501 score aggregate.




Before you can begin the game, there is a particular order that has to be followed. Every player must throw one dart using their nonplaying hand to figure out what number they will be in the game. When a player hit someone else number, the order has to be repeated. Every player is assigned either 3 or 5 lives and begins the game by trying as much as possible to hit their double, once this is accomplished, that is killing, and the player should try to hit their opponents doubles. When someone hits your double, you lose a life, and the person who wins the game is the last person with any life remaining.


Around The Clock


It is a simple fun game which is great for beginners. Each player must hit the single segments in numerical order from 1 to 20 and finish by hitting the 25 and bull. The player cannot move on to the next number until they hit their current number and the dart can land in the double or treble as long as it is in the right scoring segment. The first player to hit every number followed by the 25 and bullseye wins.




There are nine innings, much the same as in a real ball game. In the main inning, every player must shoot for however many 1s as could be allowed. In the second inning, every player shoots for 2s. The dart counts when landing at the number of every inning. After the ninth inning, the game ends. The person with the highest points wins the game.


Cricket Cutthroat


Like standard Cricket you should close 15-20 and the bull's eye, in any case, the player with the least points wins. If the one you are playing with hits a number, he/she has closed, yet it is open for you, the point’s counts for you. At the point when a player closes all numbers and has less point, he wins.


Now that you have the necessary tips on how to throw a dart and some popular dart games, you should implement if you want to perfect your game. Well, play it cool and have fun.

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