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Air Hockey Trick Shots

Top 4 Professional Air Hockey Trick Shots

Air hockey makes use of a frictionless surface as its playing area having the ability to enhance the pace of the game to a great extent. Given that the outcome of the match can be affected adversely by a hold off for only a few microseconds, players are sometimes compelled to make movements and react without following any particular air hockey strategy. If properly executed, a player will get the desired results by using any trick shot when he is under such pressure. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have listed the top 4 air hockey trick shots that you can make use of.

1. Intentional bad aim
In spite of the fact that the majority of the players are going to aim towards the goal, the more advanced players have the ability to aim towards a clear portion of the back wall of the challenger. In case it is properly executed, the puck is going to rebound from the wall and return to you enabling you to go for an assault.

2. Drift shot
In this case, you need to push the puck gently at first and then go for a more powerful and accurate shot. The experienced players prefer to use this particular shot to a great extent since it is very difficult for the opposition to anticipate the timing and direction of the assault.
3. Fake shot
Once your body language can be read by your rival, you can take full advantage of it by making it appear as though you are actually aiming in the direction of one particular spot on the table while, in reality, you are aiming somewhere else. This air hockey strategy can be extremely successful while playing the game although it is a rather simple concept.
4. Bank Shot
One can define the bank shot as striking the mallet against the puck so that it bounces off one particular side wall and scores in your opposition's goal. It is important for the puck to only bounce off one particular wall prior to scoring, or otherwise, it will be regarded as a double blank. A bank shot is undoubtedly a surefire way to score in this game since it is quite deceitful for the rival to comprehend while you are playing defense. In fact, a bank shot has become immensely popular amongst the professional players all over the world, and therefore one ought to use this particular air hockey strategy while playing this fast-paced game.
All these above-mentioned air hockey trick shots require plenty of expertise to be executed properly. In fact, these trick shots are not going to telegraph regarding what will be your next action. You must not allow your rivals to react, and for this, it is important that you play the game at a very fast pace and also avoid creating "tells" so that your rivals are not able to understand exactly when you are setting these up. Bear in mind that a high degree of control is involved in all these air hockey trick shots and, consequently, you must practice the basic moves really hard before trying to use any of them. Lastly, we like to conclude by saying that these trick shots should not be used too often, or else, your opponents can anticipate your moves easily.

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