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What Is An Air Hockey Table? How Does It Work?

What is an Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is among the games that are played and the most popular in many parts of the world. It’s played on a low friction table, and it involves two players. For one to be able to play the game, you will need an air hockey table, a puck, and a player partner to play with. The air hockey table has a playing surface that is smooth and large enough with a surrounding rail that prevents the gaming equipment’s from falling off the table while playing. The rails also have opening slots at each end that serve as goal openings.

A puck return is found below or behind the goals. The air hockey table is made in such a way that it can increase the playing speed and reduce friction while playing by an inbuilt machinery that usually produces a cushion of air through tiny holes on the playing surface. Some air hockey tables have eschewed that helps the table owner to save money in manufacturing and maintenance cost on the slick table surfaces, and it is usually plastic.

This game was created with an idea to play on a friction-free surface. For it to be introduced in the market, a lot of effort and research was conducted, and it has an overwhelming response in the market share. It has gained popularity over the recent days, and it is considered as one of the most interesting games too. With its popularity, various annual championships and tournaments have been organized in many states to promote this game.

How to Play Air hockey

For you to start playing, you should first have to get an air hockey table, a couple of mallets and a puck. Two players should determine on who will first to hit the puck. They can either toss a coin for them to settle the issue or devise any mean and then the first player settled is given the puck. Only seven seconds is given to the first player to hit the puck with the air hockey mallet as soon as the game starts. The first player will be given a penalty if the puck is not hit within seven seconds and the puck given to the other player. Seven seconds rule usually applies to every time a player takes a turn to hit the puck.

Scoring points is the objective of the game. You will earn points by shooting the puck across the table into the goal of your opponent as you keep on protecting your goal from the shots that may be coming from your opponent. The mistake of hitting the puck accidentally into your goal will earn your opponent a point. It is considered that your opponent has scored the point. The game is won with the player who scores seven points first in the game.

The puck can at sometimes be sent flying off the air hockey table when it is hit too hard. The player causing the flying off of the puck receives a penalty, and the puck will be given to the opponent. Players should avoid putting hands or parts of the body in the path of the puck or on the air hockey table while playing. Puck hits should be avoided since they may cause bruising and are painful.

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